Buying a new dishwasher

buying a new dishwasherDishwashers are generally a luxury — unless you’re left rewashing dishes that come out less than sparkling. In addition no more dry and chapped hands from washing liquids. Dishwashers have been proven to be more economical or convenient than hand washing. buying a new dishwasher

There are numerous reasons that can lead to buying a new dishwasher. If it was a while since you lust time were shopping  for a new one, you might be wondering where to start.

What size dishwasher do I need?

Most of us are looking at filling a dishwasher-shaped hole under our kitchen bench, which means we're looking for a full sized dishwasher – 60cm wide, 82–85cm tall and 60cm deep (with room at the back for ventilation). But if you have a compact kitchen or if you live alone then you might want to think about using a drawer, compact or slimline dishwasher that can fit neatly under a  countertop or in a smaller space.

Freestanding or integrated?

Whether you choose a freestanding or an integrated dishwasher will be an aesthetic decision – there are plenty of fantastic options in integrated or freestanding models.

It is advisable to install your dishwasher as close to the sink as possible in order to keep the plumbing together.


Features to look out for buying a new dishwasher

Accessible filters

Check that the filters are easy to remove and clean. buying a new dishwasher

Residual heat drying.

Residual heat drying is an energy efficient option because it does not use any additional energy. However, it can be less effective, especially if you put in a full load.

Safety features

Look out for safety features such as child locks and flooding protection, which cuts off the water supply if a change in pressure is detected at the inlet.

Salt dispenser for softening hard water

If you live in an area with hard water (if you're unsure you can check with your water supplier) then your detergent might not work as effectively. Look for a dishwasher with a salt dispenser which will make the water softer for a better wash.

Adjustable upper racks

It seems like a standard feature but good-quality adjustable upper racks are too important to overlook. Make sure the racks are height-adjustable with quick-release clips on either side of the rack that make it easy to use – as versatile, sturdy and useful as possible.

Sensor wash or fuzzy logic

This is an auto function that measures how dirty the dishes are and adjusts the temperature of the water and the length of the cycle accordingly. This is a great feature found on the higher end model that will have a price tag to match.

Hot or cold?

Check whether a cold or hot connection is recommended for the machine. If you'll be connecting to hot water, check the recommended maximum hot water inlet temperature – you may need a tempering valve if the water in your pipes is too hot.


First things first: before you can go dishwasher shopping you need to know what the symbols on the side of dishwashers mean. The number of stars represents the machine's energy efficiency. The more stars on the side, the more energy efficient your dishwasher will be.

Shopping for an efficient dishwasher can reduce your bills and the environmental impact of your household. Efficiency is measured using an index that rates the dishwasher’s energy and water use against the size of the appliance.

  • Water efficiency (WELS) is an indication of how much water the dishwasher uses per cycle. It is measured in stars, from 0-6. The more stars a dishwasher has the more efficient it is.
  • Dishwasher energy efficiency (The Energy Star Rating) is also measured in stars from 0-6. Again, the more stars a dishwasher boasts the more efficient it is.
  • Shopping for a dishwasher with a delay timer could help you run your appliance for less as you can set it to run through the night when electricity charges are at their lowest.
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