When it comes to washing up, is machine or man power best?

Dishwasher Vs. Man Power.

Water Consumption.

When it comes to long-standing green-living debates, washing up by hand versus using a dishwasher is right up there with hand-driers versus paper towels. The average household in Canada is between 2-3 people, meaning that it would be between 21-31.5 liters a day. Within the study, Europe’s best machines only used around 15 L and consumed between one kilowatt-hour (for a standard cycle) and two kilowatt-hours (intensive cycle) of energy to wash and dry the dishes. The hand-washers, meanwhile, averaged a whopping 103 L, with one enthusiastic scrubber using 447 L!

That still may not sound so terrible. However, when compared to the average modern dishwasher on a full cycle, which consumes 15 liters, it’s not great. That’s stacked to capacity by your household, not just per meal. So if you’re like most households that only need to run their dishwasher once a day, you’ll want to drop your hand washing habits, stat. dishwasher service

Bacteria Left Dishwasher Service

If you leave the hot tap running – as many people do – the footprint is far higher than using a dishwasher. And even if you do wash up carefully by hand, compared with the dishwasher you still lose out both on hygiene (with nearly 400 times more bacteria left on the dishes after washing) and time (taking nearly four times as long as loading the dishwasher). dishwasher service


The conclusion, then, is get a dishwasher if you want one. Or, if you have one already, don’t feel guilty about using it. To maximize the benefits, always choose a model that will last and then look after it. Try to run it fully loaded, use the economy setting when possible and – for maximum green points – use the timer setting to run the dishwasher in the middle of the night. This way, you’ll be using the grid at a time of low demand, which means the least efficient and dirtiest power stations won’t be running and, as a result, each unit of power will have a slightly lower carbon footprint. dishwasher service

Dishwasher Regular Maintenance

Here, at Freedom appliances, we just want to remind you, having your dishwasher maintained regularly is essential! Part of it can be done easily by yourself , however the other part might seem to be more complicated. Contact us for more information and details.


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