Front load or top load washers. Which one to choose?

Front load or top load washers. Which one to choose?

Laundry is a part of everyone's life. And selecting a washing machine, we would like to get what we pay for. There is a few factors you should consider when buying a new washer. however

  1. Which is easier to use?

For many consumers top load washers are more convenient. As you can load your laundry without bending too much. These machines would be perfect for people with joint issues. Otherwise, you'd need to get an additional laundry pedestal for front load ones.

As the door of a top load washer doesn't get locked, you can always add items to the load in case of forgetting something. They also collect lint and distribute fabric softener better than front load washers. to

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  1. Which is faster?

Top load washing machines with agitator tend to wash than any other machines. But we should mention that not all of them have this option. There are two types of top load washers – with agitator, and with impeller.

  1. Which cleans better?

Front load washers are much gentler with fabric. Also it is easier to wash big items in a front load one, as the big items sometimes can't immerse in water completely in a top load washer.

  1. Price top load washer repair

Front load washers are usually more expensive. But we shouldn't forget that top load washing machines use more water. So at this point your bills for hydro will even it out.

  1. Installation flexibilityfront load washer repair

Front load washers are the winners here. We all appreciate properly planned space in our homes, and sometimes it is very limited. These washing machines let us get a stacked washer-dryer layout. top load washer repair

  1. Spin speed

Top load machines cannot spin your clothes as fast as front load ones. Which makes difference in the amount of water removed and drying time. top load washer repair

  1. Smell and mold

Because of the rubber gasket around the door, which traps water, front load washers require much more maintenance than the top load ones. As gravity helps to pull all the water down. top load washer repair


Here are the answers for some questions, but the main decision is up to you.



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