How to buy a new refrigerator

How to buy a new refrigerator

You may have bought a fancy, expensive new appliance. But it doesn't mean it's any good. First of all  there are certain consideration that should be looked into before you do your purchase. Most of us are doing it the opposite way. The kitchen fridge suddenly "dies" and we're rushing to the shops to buy a replacement. It's necessary but not the wisest move. Instead, we should be shopping for appliances as they near their end of their lifespan. For the average fridge that can be 15 years, a washing machine - around 10.

So what are those things you should consider before you buying a new refrigerator?

1. Capacity

This is arguably the most important thing you need to determine when buying a fridge. Did you know that the volume of food that sits inside your fridge affects how well the appliance functions? An over-packed fridge won’t be able to circulate cold air at peak efficiency, which means your food will suffer! On the other hand, if you buy a larger model than you need, it’ll use excess power and cost you more in the long run. Refrigerator Installation

Whatever size you buy, check with the real items you commonly store to see how well they’ll fit. If you like to keep pizzas in the fridge, where will they go? Will you be able to line the door shelves with your usual 2L milk containers and large juice bottles? If you like whole watermelon in summer, is there enough shelf space?

Refrigerator Installation

2. Side by side vs. Vertical

Side-by-side fridges are half fridge, half freezer, with the separate compartments placed adjacent to each other. The doors of these units provide easy access to either side, and their size means you’re unlikely to go hungry. They are a lot more energy-efficient than large models of old. The trouble is, they don’t compete with vertical models for usable space. That handy ice-and-water dispenser usually reduces the freezer space by around 30%.
The fridge and freezer compartments on side-by-side models are narrower and deeper than in a vertically stacked fridge. This will be a problem for anyone who has trouble finding things in the back.You also need to consider whether a side-by-side will fit your kitchen, or even through the doors into the house! Will there be room for the doors to open fully? These are big beasts, so check dimensions carefully.Refrigerator Installation

3. Some things, that you never thought of

  • Consider who’s using the fridge. Are they old, or physically impaired? You may need to consider a fridge with easy access (i.e. fridge compartment high up on the unit).
  • Make sure you measure the space in which the fridge will stand in your kitchen. There’s nothing worse than buying the perfect model, returning home and finding that it doesn’t fit. In fact an embarrassing 12% of customers admitted that they had recently bought a fridge, only to discover, once it was delivered, that it wouldn’t fit into the allocated space.
  • Take a good, long look at the any warranties attached to your purchase.

After you have considered all of the listed above you can start thinking of other features you might be willing to have in your new fridge. It could be smart/internet capability, adjustable shelving, climate monitoring, alarm or self-closing feature and much more.

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