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refrigerator repairFreedom Appliances  holds a solid reputation in refrigerator repairs. In other words we serviced thousands of fridge and freezer issues around Calgary since 2009.

Our refrigeration technicians are fully certified and equipped to repair all major freezer and refrigerator. No matter what brands and types they are. Either your fridge or freezer isn’t cold enough, the internal light is broken or there’s an electrical fault. We guarantee our refrigerator tradesmen will diagnose and fix your issue as efficiently as possible.

We provide a reliable, professional and timely fridge repair service to our Calgary‘s customers. As we certainly understand the inconvenience and food wastage involved.

Freedom Appliances is located in SW Calgary and service all around Calgary including Ardrie, Okotoks.

*The appliance service call is free if we complete the repair.

 refrigerator technician The most common refrigerator repair services call are for the following issues:

  • Leaking water
  • Temperature malfunctions
  • Faulty temperature controls in contrast
  • Broken light
  • Broken ice maker however
  • Refrigerator freezes over
  • Broken digital displays because
  • Excess ice around the ice maker
  • Faulty ice dispenser
  • Problems with water dispenser
  • Electric problems
  • Much, much more! moreover

In case you have a broken refrigerator, the best decision is to call a refrigerator repair services in Calgary.   Here at Freedom  Appliances , we have years of experience in refrigerator repair. Moreover, we have worked with all major manufacturers in nearly every make and model. We can say without doubt, that our skilled technicians have been trained to repair all majors refrigerators. Using the hours of training and years of experience, we can repair your refrigerator and save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs and hours of frustration. Because refrigerator repair is always an urgent matter, we offer same day repair service for broken refrigerators in Calgary.  Call our us today to get help from a refrigerator technician . Call us today to request refrigerator repair and you will have a working refrigerator by tomorrow!

Please call Tel: (403) 889-6068 to speak with  our  specialists

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