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How to get rid of a smell from your dishwasher.

Is your reliable dishwasher smelling like rotten eggs? Or, is it a stinky fish odor that’s making you crazy?

If so, then understanding the root of such horrible smells is important. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse with time and use. In most cases, the torrid smell is caused due to:

  • Tiny food particles getting stuck into the dishwasher’s filter- mainly on its interior sides, the racks and every nook and cranny of your unit- that’s hard to reach and clean.
  • The drain hose being bent causes the wastewater to get back into the dishwasher. To prevent this, look to straighten the drain hose to restrict the flow of wastewater backflow.
  • Or the drain hose being positioned wrong (too low). This causes the water to flow back inside the base of the dishwasher freely.
  • One option would be to elevate and loop the drain hose, to allow the water to flow back to the base of your unit.

Another Cause Is Limescale Build-Up

Believe it or not; your area’s water supply can have one dramatic effect on the quality of limescale it accumulates into your dish cleaner. Harsh water contains a high concentration of mineral content- specifically magnesium carbonate and calcium from limestone.

Now, they can be harmless to humans, but it can potentially ruin your dishwasher with more exposure to it. Mixed in water, these minerals will clump on different parts of your unit like the water jets and heating element- meant to blast off whatever gunk or food particles exist. Two Trees studio web design

A Few Ways To Kill Your Dishwasher Smell:-

Like every household appliance; you frequently use, cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher should be a daily chore.

  • You can use a quality dishwasher cleaner once a week to kill the smell and clear all visible grease from its key internal parts.
  • Clean any limescale accumulation from difficult-to-reach-spots such as the sprayer’s arm or the heating element.
  • Ensure any large piece of food is thrown into the bin before you put your dishes into the unit.
  • Look to rinse the filter located at the base of the unit. This will prevent food from clogging in the drain or possibly getting re-deposited onto your dishes again.
  • Grime can build up in the rubbers seal at the dishwasher door and also inside the spray arms. And left uncleaned, they could cause a nasty smell, in time. Look to prevent this, by a proper wipe using a clean cloth and hot soapy water.
  • You can also apply a zesty freshener like lemon freshener to present your dishwasher a strong, pleasing fragrance.

So, there you have it! Simple yet effective tricks to kill that horrible smell from your dishwasher.

Call Us If You Can’t Find Time To Do It Yourself!

Freedom Appliances – home to diligent dishwasher repair specialists in Calgary will be more than happy to do it. Not just the smell, if there is an issue in its functionality; we have the experience, knowledge and the appropriate tools to fix it on our first go.

Our extensive dishwasher repair services in Calgary include:

  • Dirty/noisy dishwashers
  • Stinky dishwashers
  • Leaking dishwashers
  • No water entering the unit
  • Dishwasher unable to complete its full cycle or unable to start its cycle.
  • Unknown error messages that display on your dishwashing unit.
  • Dishwasher having no power

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