User Solving the Mystery: Why Your Dryer Squeals While Running

If you find that your dryer is emitting a high-pitched squeal during operation, it’s not just an annoyance—it could be an indicator of an underlying mechanical issue. Dryers consist of many moving parts, and over time, these components can wear down, leading to noises that signal the need for maintenance or repairs. Here are some possible reasons for a squealing dryer and how you might address them:

Worn Out Drum Bearings

The drum bearings support the rear of the dryer drum. Over time, they can wear out from the constant rotation and this wear can produce a squealing or scraping noise. Lubricating the bearings or replacing them might resolve the issue.

Faulty Drum Rollers

Most dryers have drum rollers that support the drum’s weight as it spins. These can become worn and lose their shape, causing a squeal as the drum turns. Inspecting the rollers for wear and replacing them if they’re not round is usually the solution.

Belts in Need of Replacement

The drive belt wraps around the drum, tension pulley, and drive motor, and a worn, frayed, or cracked belt can make a squealing noise. Replacing the belt is typically a straightforward fix for this problem.

Idler Pulley Wear

The idler pulley provides tension for the drive belt. If the pulley is worn out or its bearings are failing, it can cause a high-pitched squeal. Replacing the idler pulley usually quiets the dryer.

Gliders or Slides Are Worn Down

Some dryers use gliders or slides to support the front part of the drum. When these are worn out, they can produce a squealing noise during operation. Replacing the gliders or slides should stop the noise.


Occasionally, the simple reason behind a squealing dryer could be overloading. Ensure you’re not overfilling the dryer, as the extra weight can cause unnecessary strain on the drum bearings and rollers.

Motor Bearing Problems

The motor that turns the dryer drum can also have bearing issues. If the squeal seems to be coming from the motor itself, this might require a more thorough inspection and potentially replacing the motor.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes objects trapped in the dryer drum seals or ducts can cause squealing sounds. Checking for loose items and clearing any debris might quickly solve the problem.

Always unplug the dryer before attempting any repairs, and if you’re not confident in taking the appliance apart, it’s wise to call a professional. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the lint filter and inspecting the drum seals, can prevent some issues, but parts do wear out and will occasionally need to be replaced to keep your dryer running quietly and efficiently.

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