What can you do when your clothes dryer starts causing problems? The washer/dryer pair are among the most essential appliances in your home. So when one fails, troubleshooting becomes your top priority. common dryer problems

Common dryer problems and possible solutions

These tips can help you decide whether your dryer can be repaired, or if it’s time for a new machine. common dryer problems

Dryer isn’t heating

The reason for your dryer not heating may be as simple as cleaning out a clogged lint trap, and having the venting cleaned. This is because proper venting is essential for your dryer to run smoothly. Air needs to be flowing, so remember to clean that lint trap after every load! And call a professional to thoroughly clear out all venting leading from your dryer to the exterior of your home.

In addition to improving your dryer’s efficiency, these maintenance tips are also important for fire prevention. A build-up of lint is a serious fire hazard! So be sure to make a regular habit of cleaning out your machine.

If your dryer isn’t heating at all, you might have a faulty thermal fuse. In this case, you can call us at Freedom Appliance Repair. We would be happy to install a new fuse, look your dryer over, and get you safely up and running again! common dryer problems

Clothes aren’t getting dry

Is your laundry getting warm, but taking forever to dry? If so, check the lint trap and venting like suggested above.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, think about the size of load you are trying to dry. Overloading your machine means there won’t be enough room for air to move around your laundry. It will all stay together in one general bundle and take much longer to dry.

Dryer won’t stay running

If you start your dryer, and then it cuts out, a number of things may be wrong. You can put your mind at ease by calling on our reliable professionals at Freedom Appliance Repair.

Our licensed and insured technicians will come to your home and provide a complete diagnosis of the problem. And we offer a low service call fee, which we waive if you end up booking your service with us.

Call Freedom Appliance Repair today, and we will get you back on the top of your laundry game as fast as possible!